Achieve Screen Freedom

The gestr allows you to instantly perform virtually any function you want on your smart phone, while leaving it right where it is, no matter what you’re wearing or doing, using intuitive gestures, without touching a thing

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The gestr System

The gestr module interprets the swipe and tap gestures that you make with the hand wearing the ring

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The gestr Module

The gestr module is tiny (about the size of a postage stamp) and can be placed anywhere, truly a "disappearable"

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One device, infinite activities

Don't waste money on expensive and sport-specific solutions, you just need one gestr for all situations

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Simple and Intuitive Gestures

The gestures are simple, super quick, intuitive, and familiar, just without the hassle. Assign them to practically any function using a mobile app..

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An unlimited number of gestures

Switch services with a double tap to support an unlimited number of gestures and associated functions..

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Charging Case

The charging case will keep everything together and charge your gestr multiple times. When the case battery is depleted, just charge the case with USB!

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