The Gadgettronix mission is to become an innovation leader in area of wearable technology to realize the promise of truly seamless computing.

Principles Technologies Roadmap

Guiding Principles


Our lives are complicated enough as it is, the benefits of wearable technology should not be undermined by associated complexity.


Wearable technology should not be for its technology's sake, but rather should solve real problems, improve safety, or enhance our experiences in some meaningful way.


Wearable technology should not be felt - the user should not know the technology is there,


Wearable technology should not be seen - the user's friends should not know the technology is there, either because it blends in or is hidden,.

Enabling Technologies

These emerging innovations will enable enhancements and new products consistent with our mission.


  • Q1 2019Proximity Alert

    This software only update will allow you to mute the gestr if another gestr or a Bluetooth5-enabled smartphone comes within a configurable range.
  • Q2 2019Smart Cities AR/VR Demo

    This technology demo/simulator will allow virtual experimentation in the user interface (haptics, audible, gesture), sensor fusion, and Smart Cities connectivity to optimize benefit prior to committing to full scale deployment.
  • Q2 2019Custom Gestures

    This software only update will use machine learning to allow you to teach the gestr new gestures.
  • Q3 2019Binaural Audio

    This enhancement will use machine learning and binaural audio to enhance and spatialize potential threats picked out of the ambient noise.
  • Q4 2019The Skeeper

    This accessory will locate your ski if it's buried under deep snow so you don't have to squander your powder day looking for it.

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